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I started using the BeachBody products in February 2010. P90X was my first BeachBody program. If you visit my profile on Team BeachBody, you can see my before photo. Phiew! I do not like this picture! Really not! But it shows that it is possible to change one’s body and to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Hence the slogan: Decided. Commit. Succeed. I have since completed several other programs, including Insanity, Insanity The Asylum vol.1, P90X2, Les Mills PUMP, Les Mills Combat, Turbo Fire and Focus T25 and I am currently doing Body Beast.


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When you create a free Team BeachBody profile using the button below, I will be your coach. As a coach, I am committed to help you and support you in your BeachBody journey.

Once you have an account, you will have access to a ton of information. You will get advice and support, access to the Super Gym where you schedule and save your workouts and thus easily track your progress. You will be able to find information on the message board in addition to meeting new friends and training partners. The Team BeachBody members are there to help each other and share their experience and provide support within the BeachBody community.

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Once you have created your free account on Teambeachbody, with your agreement, I will add you our private group on Facebook. It is a group of support where we share, we motivate and encourage one another. It is an online community where a healthy lifestyle is part of our values

You already have a Team BeachBody profile?

If you are already a member on, a coach has already been assigned to you. If you want me to be your coach, it is possible to make the change.  Simply send a request to

Copy and paste the text below and replace the fields in bold with your personal information. Send the message from the email address that you use to log on to Please make sure you put me in CC so that I can to follow-up with Coach Relations. Have this email will facilitate the process.

“Coach Relations:

My name is  _your name_ , my Beachbody email is _your email address_ .  I would like to transfer my coach to have Marie-Claude Ayotte, Coach ID# 192272, at as my NEW coach.  Please make the switch as soon as possible. I request that you notify myself and Marie-Claude Ayotte when the transfer has successfully processed.  Thank you!

_your name _


If you have any questions or you need more information, contact me at It is with great pleasure that I will help you on your way to a healthy lifestyle.

This site is entirely dedicated to Team BeachBody. I will keep you informed about BeachBody latest news and programs.

Start by creating your free Team BeachBody account. This will allow you to be part of this community dedicated to healthy lifestyle. Who does not want to have a better life? A rewarding life? With Team BeachBody, you will reach your goals!


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